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Asynchronous countdown at Rustaveli Theater

"I do not want to die, I have never killed myself before...", "I Love you ..." "Please appreciate, see and love..." - This is Sarah Kane.  Young director, Kita Rokva staged contemporary play-writer’s Sarah Kane's play "4.48 psychosis,” at Rustaveli theater. The inner drama of a woman and even woman’s "cosmic tragedy” was performed by a man. Beso Zanguri was the main and the only actor in the play.


Approached at the theater the circuit layout grabbed my attention, thus creating the cozy atmosphere, as well as the mystic feeling. Although it is nothing compared to the feeling when I took my place and noticed that I was looking at the hall, empty hall.

I was on stage.

We were on stage!

 Drugs scattered on the floor, ropes prepared for committing suicide, bunch of dusty and useless papers, empty birch bottles and stage’s lightening instantly brought the depressive - pathological psychosis’ feeling.

The idea that sometimes questions are better than the answers was ultimately vanished when the play started. The process of searching is interesting aiming to find answers, although this is the very case when answers are undoubtedly better than  questions. When you hear actor’s monologue you feel like you have been recently disclosed and all your thoughts have been dragged out on judgment, because he speaks about the issues, which are familiar to the audience.

To commit suicide, depression, absurdity of life, not seeing the sense in one’s life and the worst – not feeling the relief from death, are very common and already felt feelings for many people.

Director’s decision to place the audience on the stage was directed towards this, as the topics included in the play concerns everyone on an equal level, but we do not have Kane’s courage or the wish to commit a sin. The director told us that he tried to ease the feelings.

The concept of the play is human duality, the loss of your-self. At first sight, you feel like you watch person’s duality, than you guess that multi-person wakes up in you, (or in actor), but in this case it would ease everything, as it is not difficult to make a choice when you have several options than making choice between two? That is why it “seems” that the only way out is death, but is it enough the disappearance of life-wish to die?

“Remember light and rely on light

Truth will light before death

Do not forget me, I ask the only thing – please love me” –Sarah Kane.

 “Psychosis 4.48” is Sarah Kane’s the last and the most scandalous play. The play-writer committed suicide in her 28. The main reason of her depression was “duality”.

















Keti Arjevanidze

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