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Real Madrid gets to semifinal of champions league

Real Madrid was the predicted winner, but Galatasay played great game and deserved their victory. They won 3-2. Emanuel Eboe, Didier Drogba and Wesly Sneider scored from Galatasaray, while Christiano Ronaldo scored Real madrid's both goals. On April 9 Champions league game was held between Real Madrid and Galatasaray. It was second-round game of these teams. In the first

game Real Madrid won 3-0. Real Madrid was considered as a favorite in this match, but coach of Galatasaray, Fatim Terim, said  his team would do anything possible to win. Indeed, Turkish side won this game. Real Madrid started match with it's strongest players, including Mesut Ozil and Christiano Ronaldo.

The game started with Galatasaray's attacks and soon it became obvious that Turkish side was determined to win the match. Despite all their attacks, Galatasaray failed to score in opening minutes of the game. This was due to good defending from Real Madrid, who didn't let Galatasaray  create goal-scoring opportunities. Real started to control ball more, as the game progressed and on 8th minute, when Christiano Ronaldo scored first goal of the game. Goal had bad influence on the Turkish side and they started to attack less and less, while Real had chances to score more, but Angel Di-maria failed to score from very good position. Didier Drogba was the most active player from Galatasaray, but his efforts were not enough to score goal and make score 1-1. First half ended 1-0 in favor of Real Madrid.

Second half of the game was more entertaining  then first one. Royal club tried to keep the ball and Galatasaray was doing it`s best to score and equalize. Their efforts were rewarded on 57th minute, when Emanuel Eboe scored from long range. This goal gave Turkish side the confidence they needed, while Real Madrid lost it's concentration and was punished because of it. On 70th minute Weslry Snaider scored great goal and made score 2-1 in Galatasaray's favor. After 2 minutes real was losing 3-1. DiDier Drogba scored very beautiful goal with his backheel. Turkish side needed only 2 more goals to qualify in semifinal, but Royal club didn't let them to score more. Instead, Real scored on 90th minute. Christiano Ronaldo was the player who did it after pass from Karim Benzema. Game ended 3-2 in Galatasaray's favor.

After the game lot of comments were made. Coach of Galatasaray Fatih Terim said:" Maybe we couldn't knock Real Madrid out of the competition but we deserve the respect of the whole world. There's nothing that Turkish players can't achieve with proper coaching. We need to improve every minute, we need to keep our heads up and continue on our way". 

Coach of Real madrid praised Galatasaray and said that they deserved to win:" I know Galatasaray are strong. They did not play with 11 men today, they played with 50,000 incredible supporters. It was hard for us and they deserved to win tonight".

Leader of Real madrid Christiano Ronaldo  also made comment about this game:" I'm very happy about qualifying, we have achieved our objective and now we have to wait to see which team we will play against".

Christiano Ronaldo now has 11 goals in champions league this season.





Beka Goginashvili

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