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Rafael Nadal wins in Indian Wells


Rafael Nadal played great in this tournament and deserved this victory. He beat former number one tennis player Roger Federer in quartefinal. Every year masters series tournament is being  held in Indian Wells. This is a very prestigious tournament and every top-ranked tennis player takes part in it. The prize money is almost 5 million dollars and this is one of the reasons why every

player wants to play in this tournament. Another reason is, that the winner gets 1000 points. Last year Roger Federer won  this tournament.

This year Roger federer failed to win and the reason for it was Rafael Nadal, who defeated him in quartefinal. Before this match, Roger was playing very well and was winning with ease. Other top-ranked players like Novak Djokovich and Xuan Martin Del-potro also demonstrated their class and won  matches without any trouble. But all this Happened before the quartefinals. All the interesting stuff began then.  There was huge antisipation of the match between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.They met 28 times before and this was their 29th meeting.

However, many fans were disapointed when Rafael Nadal played some superb tennis to beat Federer easily 6-4,6-2. Federer was making way too many errors and Nadal was taking advantage of this errors. The first set was more or less competitive, in the second set Nadal was completely dominating and Federer had no chance for winning. After this Nadal continued his Success and earned his place in final, where he met argentinian Xuan Martin Del-potro. Del-potro suprised everyone when he beat the number one player in the world Novak Djokovich in semifinal. Novak was supposed to win, but argentinian had other throughts about it and he proved it on court. Del-potro lost first set to Novak, but won second and third sets. in the end the score was in Del-potro's favour 4-6,6-4,6-4.

Final was very tense and interesting. Del-potro won the first set 6-4 and was leading in second 2-0, but nadal once again showed his character and won the second set 6-3.  The third set was even harder, but Nadal was a better player. He won Del-potro's serve in the beginning of the set and won the set 6-4. In the end the  result was 4-6,6-3,6-4 in Nadal's favour.

After the match Nadal and Del-potro both made comments. Del-potro said:" Rafa deserves to win. he played really well today in the second and third sets. He broke me early in the third and playing against him when the score is down is tougher, you know.''

Nadal was very happy with the result but admitted that he was nervous at the end of the match:'' Even if I had a lot of success  last weeks , today I was very nervous at the end of the match to close the match. I was lucky that my serve worked amazing in the last game in important moments.''

Former number one player in the world Roger Federer also made some comments about this tournament:'' I am happy to be out there and able to compete. It's always an issue and doesn't work against a guy like Rafa. But I don't want to undermine his performance here."

Rafael Nadal earned million dolar for this victory and received 1000 points in rankings.





Beka Goginashvili

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