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Tbilisi: 20 years later

Soon after the Soviet Union collapsed a civil dispute erupted in Georgia. Soon after the dispute transformed into a war. United opposition went against the President Zviad Gamsakhurdia. The epicenter of this military conflict was downtown Tbilisi because the president was fortified in the Parliament building. The conflict sometimes referred as the Tbilisi War ended n 1992, when the President Gamsakhurdia fled the capital.






The building of the Georgia Parliament was built in 1953, it was the main target of the opposition missiles.





Another victim of the war was the Tbilisi Classical Gymnasium, it almost burnt to ashes.





Tbilisi Marriott, previously Hotel Majestic, was built in 1911 with a financial support of Mikael Aramiants. The building was critically damaged during the war.



The Georgian National Gallery did not survive from bullets either. The so-called Blue Gallery was built in 1888-1892 and was designed by a German architect Albert Salzmann.














Giorgi Sikharulidze

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