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Khundadze beats Chocheli by 60 votes for Mtskheta district parliament

Dimitri Khundadze has won the second round Parliamentary Elections by only 60 votes in District 37 in Mtskheta.


According to Election Administration of Georgia, Georgian Dream candidate Khundadze won by receiving 50.11% of votes over independent candidate Cezar Chocheli, who received 49.89%.

According to election board spokesman Vakhtang Sadagashvili, the 62% turnout in District 37 was the highest in the country.

After the first voting, which was held on October 8, it was known that it would be a very close race.  Khundadze received 41.23% of votes and Chocheli 39.75%. A second round was needed because no candidate won 50% of the vote.

Some voters favored Khundadze based on relations they have had with him and his family. “We were  classmates together and I have a lot of respect for his family,” said Natalia Charkviani who was one of the registered voters.

Elene Lobjanidze  said she voted for Khundadze because he was raised right in front of her eyes and she knows his family very well. “Before he was a deputy, he was a great doctor and all Mtskheta was grateful for this. Even now I have nothing negative to say about him.”

Some voters who didn’t know Khundadze personally voted solely because they would like things to stay the same in their city. “Our local officials are working well. I like their style and I have no complaints.  I hope for a better future,” said Marina Mrevlishvili, one of the Khundadze voters.

There were also voters who couldn’t point out the reasons behind their vote or knew what exactly were their candidate’s promises. “I voted for peace, happiness and for better future,” said Eteri Kiknadze.

Voters who voted for Chocheli also had similar reasons for voting. “I voted for better future in Mtskheta. I want them to care for Mtkheta better. There is a lot to be done,” said Shalva Isakovi.

Some of Chocheli’s supporters were not bothered by city’s social problems, “For me it is important that they take care of Mtskheta and they do something about the visual side as well…social problems are not an issue for me personally,” said Archil Machabeli.

According to ,Sadagishvili. at District 37, Station 5, out of 1,272 registered voters, 906 voters voted.  A total of 23 votes were announced annulled.