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Balsam, Nail Polish Stops Two Voters

Two women didn’t manage to vote because of a problem with marking procedure in Mtatsminda #2 polling station. 

Voter Zaira Kvantrishvili, 74 years old, said that she couldn’t vote:

“I have injured my hand and I’m using balsam for treatment. However, they didn’t believe it is balsam and they perceived it as (stamps showing they had voted) and didn’t let me in. I went home, washed my hands and came back, but they still didn’t allow me to vote because of the marks. I’m going to file a lawsuit.” 

Another voter Ani Mestvirishvili, 35 years old, had the same problem:

“I had nail polish and they told me it’s a mark and they didn’t allow me to vote. I removed it and came back, but in vain.”

Head of the election commission at Mtatsminda #2 polling station, Zurab Zergaia, told Newscafe reporters that the commission compared the marks on these two women with the voting stamps:

“They were too similar and we couldn’t take responsibility to decide ourselves.” 

Nikoloz Rurua fron United National Movement and Salome Zourabichvili, as an independent candidate are competing each other in district of Mtatsminda at the second round of Georgia’s parliamentary elections.