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Georgian Dream supporters try to influence votes in village of Kizilajlo, Marneuli


The second round of Georgia’s parliamentary elections started on Sunday with an attempt to influence votes for the ruling party in Kizilajlo, Marneuli, but the head of the polling station said there “had been no violations”.

    At around 8:30 am Georgian Dream supporter Elchin Allahverdiyev, standing at the door of polling station #48 in Kizilajlo, asked those who entered whether they were going to vote for Party #41 (Georgian Dream) or not.

 “You are not going to influence me!” replied the voter entering the station. He said he was planning to vote for the opposition United National Movement (UNM) party, but did not want to say his name.
 “There is no place for Party #5 (UNM). The leading party needs to be #41 -- Georgian Dream,” Allahverdiyev told journalists later. He remained in the area of the polling station as of 12 pm. Newscafe journalists did not see committee members or the head of the polling station asking Allahverdiyev to leave the polling station.
 Anar Asgarov who went to the elections with a #41 (Georgian Dream) political party T-shirt was not allowed inside the polling station until he covered the name and number of the political party on his T-shirt. However, the head of the polling station, Zakir Gurbanov, told Newscafe journalists later that such an incident did not occur at all.
When asked whether wearing a party’s T-shirt or asking who people were going to vote for at the polling station were violations, Gurbanov replied that those were “provocative” questions.
 According to the October 22 elections results in Marneuli, after the October 8 results were thrown out because of violent incidents, UNM’s majoritarian MP candidate Akmamed Imamquliyev wins over the candidate of Georgian Dream Tamaz Naveriani with 48.11% to 43.43% of votes.