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No Euromaydan in Armenia? Differences between Ukraine

 The success of Euromyadan will be success for Georgia and for Armenia and Moldova as well, said former President of Georgia in his speech devoted to protestors in Kiev’s Independent square, December 7. 



Moldova and Georgia initialized the Euro integration agreements in Vilnius Summit. Whereas Armenia had chosen “and, and” policy (and EU, and Russia). In september 3 Armenian President announced in Russia about states desire to join Custom Union. European Union and USA as well accepted that move as U-turn, despite Armenia was trying to somehow find solution for signing the documents in Eastern Partnership’s Summit. There was a little chance that if Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement is impossible to bring to life in this situation (it is impossible to be in two different trade zones), probably will be able to continue the talks for Association agreement (cooperate for political reforms). Nevertheless, In November 28-29 nothing was signed between Armenia and EU.

It happened in Ukraine to. Although President Viktor Yanukovich didn’t make any announcement about joining to Custom Union, but he delayed to sign EU agreements. After that mass of protestors went to the square in Kiev where in 2004 started Orange revolution and are continuing to press the government to rethink about their decision.

In Armenia it didn’t happen, only in September 4 decade of people protested and in December 2, During the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin, some hundred people showed their unwillingness to Russia’s leader and for joining the Custom Union with which Armenia even doesn’t have a boarder (members are Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, without any border in Custom Union it will be a huge problem for Armenian sovereignty).

Therefore does Sahakashvili’s optimism close to reality about Armenian part or it is just an encouraging speech?

Culturologist Levon Margaryan says for Euro integration the situation in Armenia and in Ukraine quite different. “As a culturologist I want to stress the social bases. European and Western bases are very week in Armenia, Eurobureaucracy haven’t done any investment in this sphere, but Russia has starting advantage, which is coming from history and are continuing nowadays: intensive similarity, language and domestic and working communication. Sure in Ukriane were also Russian oriented fans, but there is also sufficient number of people who were for EU, which wasn’t in Armenia,” - says Margaryan mentioning also security reasons, and that many Armenians are working in Russia and that for poor Armenia Russia is factually primary economical resource.

But what is able to make parallers with Sahakashvili speech and with what Margaryan said, is that there could be a Eurointegration perspective in Armenia only if the authorities would have appropriate decision and will. Sahakashvili was the President who had that components and Georgia had the similar cultural relations with Russia before him. Therefore no Maydan can help Armenia with its Eurointegration till Armenia won’t have the will. Another question is does Armenia need it.


Hovhannes Ishkhanyan

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