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Their Attitude Will Change

Interview with Vladimer (Lado) Vardosanidze


Vladimer (Lado) Vardosanidze, an architect-urbanist, a professor at the Georgian Technical University. Lado’s professional interests include: urbanization, urban culture, protection of urban heritage, social and cultural aspects of urban development.

What do you think about parties’ urban development programs?

There are many cliches - everybody discusses environment, transport, urban development. But they don’t understand that it is already included in urban development. Unfortunately, democracy is a surgeon term, politicians often use populistic slogans to attract the voters. Some of their promises stay even beyond the competence of local self-governance, for example, reducing price on medicines. Local government cannot make changes there. The housing problems are too vague, as well. I should say that it is absolutely necessary to have municipality shelters for homeless people. Though it’s hard to solve the problem only within a single municipality. Most politicians don’t take local self-government elections as serious as presidential elections, for instance. We need to have more respect for the municipal politicians and consider them as “high-class politicians”. But there are no high-class politicians in Georgia yet.

Do you think urban development programs were done professionally?

Some of them are done professionally. But only some of them.

Could you please specify, for example which candidates’ have better programs?

Georgian Dream has a booklet, it’s quite attractive, like a good magazine. But they don’t touch some fundamental problems there. For example, the practice of ugly construction in Tbilisi.

Do you think the voters choose candidates according to their programs?

No, the vote for candidates, of course. Why? Because we are living in Caucasus. Personality, authority, attractiveness is very important here.

What are the main priorities of parties?

Main priority is winning the elections. But of course, after the elections their attitude will be changed. Because too many promises are given beforehand. In the best case they will realize 70-75% of their promises.  



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