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“Georgian Dream” is the largest receiver of donations. Financial contribution from the individuals and legal entities makes up 93% of the total amount - 10,319,998 GEL.


The report released by the Transparency International Georgia says that individuals donated more than 8 Million GEL (80%), while 32 legal entities donated only 20 %, more than 2 million GEL.

Georgian Dream is leading the list of parties, followed by the European Georgia - Movement for Liberty (609,969 GEL); United National Movement” (48,261); Alliance of Patriots (28,187 GEL) and an independent candidate for Tbilisi Aleksandre Elisashvili.

Donations received by the ruling Georgian Dream party are 16 times higher than the amount received by European Georgia, which is the second on the list. Moreover, donations to the Georgian Dream is 12 times more than the amount donated to all other candidates.

Individual donors are likely to have links to the legal entities says the report.

"As for individual donors, 289 people out of 643 donors were related to 818 legal entities with different statuses. 70 out of these 818 legal entities had received at least one simplified public procurement contract in 2017; Out of these 70 companies, 49 of them were related to Georgian Dream’s 55 individual donors who donated 1,661,470 GEL to the ruling party in the reporting period. Their companies received simplified public procurement contracts of approximately 2,400,000 GEL."

In the reporting period the State Audit office of Georgia sent a request to study the incomes of 544 individual donors. 31 donors of European Georgia and Georgian Dream were invited to the interview. None of the donors were fined.

Most of the legal entities support the ruling party says the report.

31 of 32 companies donated to the ruling Georgian Dream party and only one legal entity donated 90 GEL to Alliance of Patriots. Seven companies: LTD GMP, LTD Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking, LTD LION, Tegeta Motors, DETI, Partner, MEEKI were the biggest donors - each of them contributing with 120,000 GEL to Georgian Dream.

15 of the Georgian Dream’s 31 donors received simplified public procurement contracts in 2017, with a total value of more than  2 million GEL. The same companies donated more than 1 million GEL to the ruling party during the reporting period. Tegeta Motors donated 120 000 GEL to the ruling party. Zaur Tskhadadze, a shareholder of the company, donated an additional 60 000 GEL to the party. This year the company signed 1,539 simplified public procurement contracts with the total value of 1,500,000 GEL. Tsekuri company donated 40 000 GEL to Georgian Dream and received one simplified public procurement contract worth 400,000 GEL.

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