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What do voters expect

Mixeil Dovlatbegian, voted  in polling station #9 in Tbilisi: 

“If you want good life , if you want rich country ,if you want your children to live in good conditions, if you don’t want people to escape from Georgia like they  do since 1990s , you should vote for the party which you like and which should govern your country in your opinion.

My decision has changed since 2012; at that time I voted for Georgian Dream to end National Movement government.  But Georgian Dream did not keep its promises. None of them, nothin economical, which was the most important to improve our lifestyle.  I voted for Nino Burjanadze. I am 64 years old. I will retire in a year and If I will be alive after four years , I will come and vote again.”.

Merab Jejua, Georgian, voted in polling station # 2: 

“In general, I want to government to change the law to punish everyone who will not vote.  The punishment should be administrative fine. We have difficult social situation. If we began to speak about big amount of money for this fine, the population of our country will dislike it. But  I think there should be symbolic fine like 5 Gel for those who are allowed to vote and are not using that right. When we Georgians have hard times we can express our patriotism at the highest level. But every Georgian -- and other nationalities -- who love our country should express their patriotism in election. I really worry about the direction of our country in next four years.  To tell the truth, I have never been a member of any political parties. But I have my sympathies toward one party and I have not changed it  since 2012.” 

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