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The Man Who Sells The Rain

Armenian dramatic theater renewed its performances in Tbilisi. The Rainmaker by Richard Nash was presented to the audience this week in Khorava Theater. The play was staged in various regions and provinces in Armenia before it came to Tbilisi. This was the first performance after a long time break. 

"Rainmaker" is a play about a family where a father supported by two sons is desperately trying to marry her young daughter. At the same time the family is having hard times with their dying cattle and dried land. Suddenly a man named Starbuck appears to save the situation. He is the only one who can make rain and save crops, also bring hope and dreams to the hopeless. 

"Bill Starbuck is one of the heroes who can penetrate into my inner world. He has no housing and family but a big heart where the whole world can be fit. He knew people who were in trouble, he knew that those people needed rain and he had made it not only for crops but also for their hearts to be full of happiness, dreams and hopes for a better future,” said Sergey Safaryan who plays the role of the man who is selling rain. 

“He encourages everyone to love each other to esteem each other, to have faith and world will open to you. World is wonderful. You only need to widely open your eyes and heart to see it,” said Sergey.

The first performance was staged in New York in 1954. The play was presented to the audience about 125 times since than. The film about the play was screened in 1956. The Rainmaker was translated into 40 languages. The story was later modified into a Broadway musical.


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