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For First Time, GIPA Doc U has Teens’ Jury

‘’We are watching these amazing documentaries, and in my opinion, this experience is very important for us and for our future,’’ said Salome Ramishvili,

 10th grade student government officer at 163 School.

Grade 11 student government officer Ani Latsabidze contacted the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) volunteering to somehow be involved in the GIPA student documentary movie event. GIPA offered to create a new type of Jury consisting of seven pupils selected by the 163 School students themselves.

The jury members were Ani Latsabidze, Salome Ramishvili, Nia Karaulashvili, Tamar Gabroshvili, Ani Putrskhvanidze and Nika Khutilashvili. Some of them want to become journalists in the future, and all say they are interested in youth projects.

Grade 10 student  Gabroshvili, who wants to become a lawyer, said: ‘’ I found on Facebook that  our student government was looking for volunteers to be involved in this project,  and I decided to participate because I’m interested how multimedia is growing in our country and what GIPA students are doing in this field.’’

They faced  a  dilemma while making a decision and finally chose  two films: '’The Road'’ by Mariam Ugrekhelidze  and '’Split’' by Eka Magaldadze. The importance of the films' topics became the main criteria for the  teens jury while making their choice.

 Grade 9 student Khutilashvili:  ‘’There are some important topics in our past andmodern history, which young generation should be interested in. That’s why we liked '’The Road' .  ‘’Split” was interesting because it explained a global problem shown by one person’s life experience.’’

Because adding the teen jury was a last-minute decision, their was no award for their winners.

GIPA Doc U started in November of 2012 and has been an annual event. The mission of the project is to show students’ documentary films to the public and famous Georgian filmmakers in order to give the students a changce to introduce themselves to the market and deepen their knowledge of film-making.

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