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“Do All Roads Lead to EU?" - GIPA in LVIV

 Do All Roads Lead to EU?" - This was the main question for young journalists gathered in Lviv, Ukraine to participate in International School of Journalism. 

Ukrainian Catholic University was a host for student journalists and their mentors from Georgia and Moldova. Representatives of these three countries presented their own stories about their way to EU

Geopolitical challenges, security issues and mentality as a barrier, who we are and what are we heading towards? How Russian propaganda affects attitudes towards EU? Are political elites and societies capable of deep national reforms?  

Are these three countries capable of ensuring their security on their own? Can they handle the economic challenges on that way? End the main: How to deal with the threats from Russia? Does EU Really Need Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova?  - These were the questions young Journalists were trying to find answers during three days - lectures, seminars, workshops, interviews and discussions in Lviv. 

In fact bringing three country representatives was the last step of the project. At first student journalists were asked to select specific topics on that issues and finally, after participating in international school and having a chance to find answers from international experts, specialists or just from their colleagues from other countries with almost similar challenges and experiences, they finalised their stories and  presented it to the contest: winners from Moldova and Ukraine, will get two week internship in Georgian media outlets in June, almost at the same time Georgian winner students will have chance to get familiar, how Ukrainian media works in Kyiv. 

What Georgia had to tell to Moldova and Ukraine? What we have presented? - For Further information you can listen to the coverage of the International School of Journalism at Radio GIPA Broadcasting list By Eka Maghaldadze 

If you like to see the story in pictures: follow TamTa Utiashvili 


To watch GIPAs Lviv Diaries” - you need to have a look at Mariam Ugrekhelidzes video report.


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