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Landless Musician

Kamil is smoking and watching the crowd. There are a lot of young people– with colored hair and tatoo, in fancy dresses and torn jeans, with guitars or cardboard coffee cups in hands.

- One third of youth in Istanbul uses antidepressants...

Otherwise it's too boring to live, Kamil says.

- What about you? - Me too. But my antidepressant is my music.

We are sitting on the terrace of cafe on famous Barbadosa Boulevard in Istanbul. 26-year-old musician Kamil Hajiyev moved in Turkey from Baku 8 years ago to study microbiology. His parents and most of the family are doctors. So, he decided to continue “family business”. But after several years he left university and created music group. Parents were in shock, but Kamil was completely sure in his decision.

- It means, you realized that you are not interested in anything, but in music? 

- Not so categorically. I was really interested in science. But I just didn't have enough time for all and in the end I didn't succeed not in study neither in music. I had to choose between two. And I chose music.

Kamil plays violin from childhood. Along with his twin brother he already used to give concerts for family guests. Now Kamil Hajiyev performs in front of real audience, on the big stage with his group named “No Land”. It exists one year but is quite popular in Turkey. Although they don't have SD yet, but each their video on Youtube has tens thousands views and there is always full house on their live performances.

 - How was your group created?

 - In the beginning I tried to make solo career. I performed with other musicians rarely. But soon I understood it doesn't work – I can't cooperate normally with people with whom I don't have any personal connection. I realized that I want to have group consisted of my close friends. So, I created it together with my Iranian friend. Now there are seven musicians in our band.

- Why No Land?

- Nobody from the bend feels any attachment to the place where we live. We can move wherever we want any moment. We feel aliens everywhere. So, we have no land.

- Which music do you play?

- W can call it Indy or ethnic-jazz with the elements of classic, because our group is a small string orchestra – almost all of us play string instruments. We use elements from Eastern Ethnica and classic. Our music isn't merry at all. We can't cheer up the audience. But, we hope, it will make them think and feel deeper. They may even discover something new. Isn't it more important than just amusing people?

 - Where do you perform? 

- Frankly speaking, we don't like to play in pubs and nightclubs. Because people come there not to listen to music but to drink, dance and scream. We prefer different atmosphere for our performances. Unfortunately it isn't so easy to find proper place because our music demands specific acoustics and technical parameters. Besides, sometimes the stage can be too small for seven persons.

But we were lucky to have cooperation with one of the biggest culture centre in Istanbul – IKSV salon. Director of the centre liked our first performance and suggested to give a solo-concert. Usually, new groups perform only for “heating-up” before popular artists come on the stage.

No Land seeks for money for recording their first album. Kamil says that they can't find producer, which would care about music more than about money. They don't look for another source of income and the group stays the “only one” for them in all meanings: only one way to get money, only one occupation, only one kind of creativity. Whole their potencial and time they invest in this group. For Kamil is also the only one way to save himself from solitude in 20-millionth Istanbul:

- No Land is the meaning of my life. My friends and our common creativity save me from loneliness, depressions, emptiness etc. - from all, which makes suffer many my coevals in this city. We are like a family and it isn't just the words. We have no “leader” or “solist” in our group. Yes, I'm a singer, but I don't want to be called “solist”, because we all are solo artists, we all play similarly important role. And we make all decisions together.




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